5 Business Problems Solved by an Archive Storage Solution

Archive Storage Solution Solving Business ProblemsIn the IT industry there has been a stigma against employing an archive strategy in the data center. Believe me, we understand. With the pressure of mounting data and 24 x 7 demand, the squeaky wheel should get the oil: that mission-critical, revenue-generating data must take priority over cleaning up your file space. However, with just a little time invested (and through a simple installation process) you can take care of the old, seldom accessed data residing within your storage system. By temporarily realigning focus, offloading your aged data through an archive storage solution will provide many business advantages.

So what business problems does an archive solution really solve?

1. Increased Productivity in Existing Storage Infrastructure

Removal of aged data improves existing infrastructure performance. These performance gains are realized throughout the infrastructure including improved search speeds, quicker report generation, streamlined backups and many more benefits. I take back my previous statement – I guess we are still focusing on your mission-critical data.

2. Reduction in Environmental Costs

Unreferenced data is a significant driver behind increased electrical power required to energize drives and then remove the heat generated. By offloading this aged data, transactional systems are able to reduce their overall environmental usage previously wasted on infrequently referenced files.

In addition, the aged data remains within its own self-sufficient ecosystem providing an enterprise-class software and hardware structure that does not need to be maintained by your internal staff.

3. Historical Preservation

The generation of content is no longer the only driver of your data storage growth. Now, the communication and dialog this data generates is more important than ever. Whether it is your customers’ conversations through social media or key decisions made through mobile applications, your workforce and customer base is part of this mobile world. And this stream of data needs to be maintained and housed to help drive key business decisions. Through a proper archive strategy, these components can be quickly accessed when needed providing useful information for future data modeling.

4. Risk Reduction

We all know the landscape of today’s regulations. In North America alone there are over 10,000 policies on how your data needs to be handled. Businesses are required to maintain data, but it does not have to be done at a high cost to the corporation. Reduce audit and compliance risk by maintaining data at a reduced cost.

5. Cost Reduction & Cost Containment

Typically cost reduction is a large focus of moving data storage to the cloud, but there is an additional way to view the benefits. By offloading 70% of your aged data to an offsite archive cloud storage solution, urgency is significantly reduced to purchase additional storage capacity. In simple terms – day-to-day data gained an extra 70% of real estate to utilize.

By excluding aged data from the primary infrastructure the transaction system maintains cost effectiveness and peak performance for an extended amount of time. This could lead to not only a reduction in purchasing additional hardware, but reducing the need for premium software solutions.

6. BONUS: Increased Spirit of Innovation

By just continually adding to your existing infrastructure, maintenance mode is maintained providing limited innovation. Rather, take a few days to focus on the aged data that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It just might spark a new idea or allow implementation of a more streamlined method. In today’s fast-paced world, we all need to take a step back: who knows if a game-changer approach might be the outcome.

Take some time to focus on your aged data – removing it from your daily concern, eliminating data from your backup cycle and preventing unused data from hogging the lion’s share of your disk space.

About LightBridge ARCH

LightBridge ARCH is a distributed data storage solution that provides customers with an object-based storage solution. ARCH uniquely distributes data across 5,000+ micro data centers providing you greater security and reliability of your objects stored within the LightBridge platform. ARCH was built for IT professionals to provide a reliable, agile and affordable data storage product, reducing significant cost for our customers.

LightBridge ARCH provides:

  • Latency: with LightBridge ARCH, aged storage is maintained on spinning disks providing millisecond speed to file retrieval.
  • Reliability: system verifies files received match the files sent and continually compares file integrity against siblings.
  • Durability: the platform stores files in triplicate and provides constant monitoring to easily recover from device failures at any level across the platform.
  • Security: files are transferred to and from the site using SSL, requiring client credentials. Additional security options are available including server-side encryption along with file sharding, or segmenting a single file into multiple shards throughout the network.

Learn more about the features of the LightBridge platform.

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