Are cloud archive storage solutions a disruptive solution?

Changing Conversation of Archive Storage - LightBridge

If you have been watching trends in the storage market, you have noticed claims are made daily about the growing benefits of cloud data storage. One of the most intriguing questions has been whether or not cloud data storage is truly a disruptive technology. Read more

Focus on data security: whether cloud or on-premise

In 2013, it was estimated over half a billion records of personal information were leaked, including names, emails and credit card numbers. So it is no wonder the conversation with a CxO regarding storage begins with the cloud data security question, “How secure is my data in the cloud?”

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Lesson Learned: It’s Time for an Archival Strategy

I previously managed an online marketing application responsible for housing an unbelievable number of assets to generate high-resolution, production-ready PDFs for customers around the nation. And as most consumer-focused companies do, Read more

Don’t be surprised by hidden costs – 4 ways to find a worry-free cloud archive solution

To Do List ManagementEveryday my work to-do-list grows and shrinks. It seems like a living, breathing entity. It piggy backs on my shoulders and determines my work life. Don’t get me wrong, we are friends and I love my little work buddy. Read more

5 Business Problems Solved by an Archive Storage Solution

Archive Storage Solution Solving Business ProblemsIn the IT industry there has been a stigma against employing an archive strategy in the data center. Believe me, we understand. With the pressure of mounting data and 24 x 7 demand, the squeaky wheel should get the oil: that mission-critical, revenue-generating data must take priority over cleaning up your file space. However, with just a little time invested (and through a simple installation process) Read more