Don’t be surprised by hidden costs – 4 ways to find a worry-free cloud archive solution

To Do List ManagementEveryday my work to-do-list grows and shrinks. It seems like a living, breathing entity. It piggy backs on my shoulders and determines my work life. Don’t get me wrong, we are friends and I love my little work buddy. It enables me to efficiently determine what tasks need to be dealt with first, to help LightBridge blossom.

Sometimes, in the fantastic chaos that comes with a growing company, I find myself taken back by a stipulation or a hidden task. Something as tiny as a field that should have been added to CRM ends up being a huge nuisance causing unnecessary stress. As much as I hate to fess up to this, these nuisances can blind me like the sun on a sunny day, causing me to run for my sunglasses.

Anything that can reduce my stress and ensure my diligence is something I am willing to invest in. Less stress means more things I can cross off my to-do-list and the more I can accomplish towards launching our company forward.

One of the big hurdles can be hidden fees that can come with cloud data storage. It’s hard enough to stay within a defined budget, but trying to uncover any potential hidden costs can be difficult. Keep in mind these four items while researching cloud archive solutions:

  1. Don’t pay to transfer data in and out.
    • Transfer In Fees: many vendors provide this service for free, making it an easy barrier to overcome in joining their services. One company charges $0 GB to transfer in.
    • Transfer Out Fees: once your data is in, the costs can quickly escalate. At the company previously mentioned, a customer paid $32 / GB to transfer the data back out. That is quite a chunk of change if you weren’t expecting it. Free transfer in fees doesn’t seem so reasonable now, does it?
    • To aid you in your stress-less endeavors, LightBridge does not charge for transferring data in or out. LightBridge offers a single price per GB.
  2. Put in place notifications and defined quotas tracking your data.
    • Notifications: my phone receives texts from my carrier when I am approaching my data limit. These notifications allow me to adjust how I utilize my phone. To avoid exceeding data storage budgets, LightBridge offers an optional program that will email you when you are approaching your storage quota.
    • Defined quotas: I am so focused on getting my work tasks done, that sometimes my warnings can get lost in the sea of texts. By defining your quotas, we can limit your storage at a cut-off point you determine, so you can have comfort in maintaining your budget.
  3. Don’t pay per user
    • Many vendors will hook you with a flat storage fee and then charge you per user. In one example, you pay $59.99 a month for storage, but what they don’t quickly tell you is that fee only covers three users. If more than three people need access, you are going to pay a recurring fee for those users. Your new total isn’t $59.99 a month anymore, you’re now going to pay $131.96 per month or an additional $863.64 a year.
    • To wipe away your weariness, LightBridge does not charge you per user.
  4. Know your technical support and customer service fees
    • Customer service: it is the time to chat about the dreaded what-ifs. Things could go wrong, and if you are like me, these horrid situations keep you up at night. (Like if you are watching the Walking Dead before bed, and wake up in a panic about your company in the zombie apocalypse.) Never fear, we have an approachable customer service that will be available 24 / 7. So, if any of the unlikely what-ifs happen – we have you covered.
    • Technical support: every company is different: you have different employees, different goals, different customers, and different approaches to business. LightBridge will work with your individual business needs in order to customize the storage plan that works best for you.
    • To clear your mind of all what-ifs, LightBridge offers free technical support and free customer service.

Your time is important and you don’t want to be blindsided by the unknown. You have stuff to do, awesome tasks to administer, and people to inspire. Thrive in the fast pace life that accompanies a growing business, and don’t let data storage slow you down with hidden costs in data transfers, overdrafts on usage, many users, or the unknown.

Go out and be the diligent power-house you are, we have you covered.

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