Object Storage

With the ever-changing landscape of data storage, customers are being forced to make difficult decisions.

  • Are your development applications plagued with conversations of determining a reliable cost for storing the immense data that success will bring?
  • Is your IT demanding more stringent rules and regulations on the data uploaded to your existing applicants?
  • Is executive leadership discussing purging historical customer data due to the compounding costs?
  • Is your data storage significantly impacting profits?

Then it’s time to look at LightBridge. We have created the file storage solution that is significantly reducing the CAPEX expenditures our customers are facing.

At LightBridge we know object storage requirements vary from client to client and even from project to project, but have comfort in the fact you can easily and quickly scale to get the desirable structure needed for your evolving business requirements.

One of the key factors to our clients success is the initial conversation. At LightBridge, we don’t require premium pricing structures to provide secure SSL upload and download encrptyion or 24 x 7 customer service. In addition, we find most customers prefer to manage object-level encryption within their walls. Leaving the flexibility with the customer builds the proper structure against your individual business requirements.

We hope to prove LightBridge is the game-changing solution for your data storage needs.