Top 5 REASONS to Choose bitBank CUBED

Customer Service You Can Count On

bitBank is not a “sell-it-and-forget-it” company. Customer service paired with reliable information is at the core of our company integrity.

Simplified Pricing = Reliable Budgets

For all your data storage requirements, bitBank CUBED pricing is simple and predictable. Fees are not accessed per user, per access, or per download, but simply your data stored in the fortress.

Redundancy to Rely On

Data is replicated three times across 5,000+ micro data centers. And replication to us means duplication never occurs across two machines within a single data center.

Giving Back

In the end, building a strong business that matters means giving back to the community. When one succeeds, we all succeed. That’s the bitBank philosophy.

Agility to Meet Your Needs

bitBank understands our clients require unique features to meet changing business needs. We are willing and ready for additional enhancements ranging from our customer portal to API calls.

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